The Art of Gift Giving

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The Art of Gift Giving

Gift giving is one of the best ideas for showing love to our friends and family. A great way to express feelings like love and devotion, appreciation and gratitude. A simple action for saying “I love you” or “thank you”. Like every task that we do, gift giving also requires creativity and a bit of art.

One of the most creative ways for making our gift more memorable, is using “surprise”. For surprising your loved ones, you need to pay attention to important points which are related to the recipient age and his or her relationship with you. But the most important thing for causing a wonderful surprise, is to choose the right gift for the recipient. The gift you want to give to your friends and family should be related to their taste, mood and temper, and also their personality. Based on their interests, skills and their hobby or profession, you can choose different gifts for them. For example, choosing a paint canvas is not a good idea for an athlete. Always remember the best gift is the one that is both relevant and practical and also memorable for the recipient.

Lesson 1: Gift Presentation

The way that we present our gift or the gift wrapping, is another important point. A gift which is wrapped beautifully shows an important message which is the high value and importance of the recipient for us.

You can use the surprise element in the way you present your gifts. Placing a gift in an irrelevant package is a good one! Imagine placing a gift in an ice cream box which is cold and has little drops of water on it (you need to spray water on ice cream box for make it look more real) will cause a wonderful and memorable surprise for your beloved. Another example is to hide a gift among the lovely red roses in a rose box in a way that a small part of the ribbon tie of the gifts is shown. By dragging this ribbon, your sweetheart will find the hidden gift, a great idea for Valentine’s Day gift. By using a bit of creativity you will create a funny surprise with your gift for your loved ones.

Other great ideas for a surprise gift is to use the Surprise Box. The way that these boxes are designed is to have a hidden drawer in the front body under the roses. You can place different gifts such as perfume, jewelry set, cellphone or other gifts inside this hidden drawer. By opening this hidden drawer, the recipient will face the gift and will be surprised so much!

Lesson 2: Add More!

Other than packaging and gift wrapping, adding side gifts like teddy bear, greeting card or chocolate will be an amazing idea. Adding a box full of red roses plus chocolates beneath them, will be a romantic surprise for your lover’s birthday. Placing a cute teddy bear, chocolate bars and eternal red rose beside your main gift will create a memorable Valentine’s Day package for your sweet heart.

Lesson 3: Right Place!

Remember that the place you present your gift is another important point which is up to the occasion of course. Choose a place where you and the recipient have memories from that special place, like a cafe you first met each other. Or choose a place that is her or his favorite spot, it will make his or her favorite and popular place yours! Where you made a romantic memory with your great gift! If you can’t be there in that particular event and occasion because of business trips or migration, just try to send him or her a lovely gift or box of lovely roses… just do something to show that you care! Even when you are not here…

Lesson4: Do Something!

Other surprise tip that we can offer you is to send flowers or send cake or gifts to the place where they are present, just in time they don’t expect receiving a gift! Like office or home. By sending cake, flowers and gifts to your loved ones to these places, you will create an amazing surprise for them. Even when you can’t be beside them. By doing this, you will remind them that you think about them deeply, no matter where you are, you will never forget them!

Placing a greeting card beside your main gift is another great advice for making your gift more memorable. By writing a beautiful message you will actually express your feelings for them in the form of words and sentences. You can also use audio greeting cards. By recording your own voice and telling your message to the recipient with your voice in these special voice recording greeting card, you will make a lovely and memorable memory of your gift giving for the recipient.

Lesson 5: Make It Personal

Using personalized or printed gifts is another great idea for making a wonderful surprise for the recipient. Imagine a photo of you and your brother in your childhood is printed on a mug. By sending this amazing custom photo mug you will surprise him in his birthday a lot! Or sending a lovely personalized cushion with your parents picture on it for their wedding anniversary, will make them so happy.

Final Lesson

Expressing your feelings and using them in the form of words and sentences beside fresh and lovely flowers along with a suitable and beautiful gift with a nice and lovely wrapping plus a delicious cake or tasty chocolates, can make an extraordinary memory for your friends and family in a special day!

Just remember the main purpose of gift giving to your loved ones, is to remind them your love and affection and to strengthen your relationship with your loved ones. Gift giving means that your friends and family are so valuable for you and they do worth your attention, time, money and your love! No matter where you are! Show your love in the form of a lovely gift!

Anytime… Anywhere…

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