Perfumes & Character Recognition

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Perfumes & Character Recognition


 There are many ways for recognizing and understanding the character of people. The personality of every person is actually a combination of many factors such as genetics and heredity, the upbringing, social interactions, the interests and skills that everyone earns during childhood and adulthood. Indeed our personality properties come from the mood and character traits inherited from our parents and ancestors or the way that we are raised. The skills that we choose to learn or the interests we pursue and how we communicate with other people eventually will create our character and personality.

There are many ways to guess and get to know the personality of people. From the common ways with no scientific base like Astrology and Horoscope to the efficient methods that are obtained through researches like studying the body language of people and to understand their gestures and how they look or move their different parts of their face or body during a conversation or in various situations. Psychology of colors is another method that can reveal interesting information about the personality of people. What color people are interested in and which one they use the most can tell us a few secrets about their character and personality. Another interesting method for figuring out the personality of people, is to pay attention to the perfume that they use and what secret lies beneath the fragrant perfume they wear. If you are interested to find out more about this amazing method, read this article and learn how to use your nose in order to figure out the real person inside everyone!


I am the Best Person!

Everybody always wants to have a great impact on others. A deep and positive impact that will create self-confidence and power in our relationships. From job and career interviews to the first dates, it doesn’t matter that you have an appointment with the CEO of a great company or you are going on your first date with your beloved. Undoubtedly we all want to present the best mental image of our personality to others. Everyone loves to be the best and the smartest and most reliable person in the other’s eyes. This desire will cause many people to hide their true character and cover up their weaknesses or even pretend to be someone they are not. Based on a research on nearly 18500 people, the researchers found out that people’s favorite smell and taste reveals interesting information about their personality. It is a fact that you cannot find out the true character of everyone when you meet them for the first time but due to the results of this research, you can guess people’s personality by the perfume they use!

Citrus Perfumes; an energetic leader!

This category of perfume includes the scent of different parts of lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, bergamot and tangerine. These perfumes are mostly picked by people with leadership and guidance traits. People who usually take control of situations in family or in a group. They are really active and energetic with lively and fresh spirit. An ambitious and smart leader with great mental understanding who maybe sometimes gets a little aggressive and dominant. In addition to their good behavior aspects you’d better to watch out the citrus lover’s other side too!

Floral Perfumes; Devoted, Sensitive & Romantic

The floral perfume category includes the fragrance of many flowers such as the pleasant scent of rose, peony, iris, lily, tuberose, jasmine, gardenia and…which smelling these perfumes reminds everyone of a garden full of flowers in Spring. The floral perfume lovers are kind, playful, sensitive and romantic.

Rose Fragrance: those who pick the perfume with rose scent are actually people who think about all choices they have and their consequences before making a decision. This great feature makes them not to feel regret or remorse for their decisions in life and while other people have many memories and actions that they are embarrassed to remember, rose lovers have few memories to erase and forget. Rose lovers are often thoughtful and careful and they are sensitive to other people’s needs.

Gardenia Fragrance: solid as a rock! These people are like a mountain. They are steady and dependable. Gardenia lovers often follow a particular purpose in life. They rather following to leading and they are really good at teamwork. These people prefer long term relationship with one person to unpredictable and disappointing serial dating with many people. The gardenia lovers will stay in their friendships for decades and they won’t lose their touch with friends.

Jasmine Fragrance: these people are in love with experiencing new exciting adventures in life. They don’t care about what people might think or say about them and they really believe in living in the moment because life is worth living and that’s why they don’t waste time to regret and be sad about the happenings in life. Jasmine lovers know how to through the best parties and they are in love with unpredictable life, all is for the best!

Lavender Fragrance: these are true friends! They have very good and strong public relations, that’s why they have so many friends. People easily make friends with lavender lovers and enjoy being around them. These people are curious, thoughtful and loyal and also they value friendship and they are good at teamwork. A real friend who will never forget the best friend’s birthday and always comes with a surprise for birthday. These people cheer up their friends in bad situations and they will stay beside them during hard times.


Fruity Perfumes; Sensitive, Pessimistic & Irritable

The fruity category of perfume includes the scent of many fruits. Like strawberry, raspberry or tropical fruit like mango or pineapple. Despite the sweet scent of these lovely fruit the personality of users of this category is not so sweet. These people are mostly irritable and will get bothered and upset so easily in front of various happenings or unpleasant comments. These are somehow moody and pessimistic and don’t intend to see the half-full glass. These people like to express their thoughts about others with a kind of sarcastic humor which this unpleasant sense of humor is annoying for almost everyone. Unfortunately having this feature leaves no friend for the fruity perfume lovers.

Oriental perfumes; Bold, Confident & Ambitious

The oriental category consists of spices like cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, amber and ... This type of perfume mostly has a warm, sharp and sweet scent. People using this type of perfume mostly are very confident with a cheerful spirit. These people are very lively, mysterious, brave and complicated in a way that they don’t allow others to explore them. These people have a great self-confidence and can be very successful in management. Also they can take control of every situation and turn it in a way to make them a winner.

The Passage of Time Clarifies the Truth!

Although this article is based on researches and findings of researchers but actually we cannot be sure that the people’s taste about perfumes can reveal their true nature but we can guess who they might be under the perfume they use. Only the passage of time and getting to know them in different situations can help us to figure out who they really are and that’s how we can understand that the perfume that these people use is a mirror that reflects their personality or not!




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