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We always look for the best gifts to give to our loved ones, to make them happy and surprised and to show them how much we love them. But for providing the best gift for our beloveds we need to pay attention to many important issues. For example, the gift that we offer to our loved ones should be appropriate with their age and their taste. Also another important feature of a great gift is to be useful and lasting in a way that this gift remains new and still efficient after years and every time the recipient uses it, it will reminds the recipient of the donor. “Book” is the same gift that is both efficient, useful. Also it is a durable present too. By gifting a book you will actually gift a world made of meaning and concept to your loved ones, but in easier and cheaper way! br />

Why is book a better gift than any other present?


Gifting a book to others is a beautiful action that represents the importance of knowledge and culture for the donor which will persuade the recipient to read this useful gift even though she/he is not interested in reading books. Gifting a book is actually a kind of encouragement for curious minds that are thirsty for knowledge and experience. Other than the great impact of reading books and studying, why is book a better gift comparing to other presents?


 1- Because of their simple square or rectangular shape, books are very easy to wrap and the donor will not be in trouble for wrapping or packaging a book. Forget about learning professional origami wrapping or using sticky glues. It doesn’t matter you want to use a fancy gold or silver wrapping paper or an old newspaper to wrap a book, you can turn a book to a lovely present by wrapping just a beautiful ribbon around it.


 2- Book is a small object and it doesn’t take much space. Despite its heavy and enormous weight of meaning that is carried in its pages, a book is physically small and light which this beautiful paradox is like a miracle itself! A small and light object that holds a heavy and massive volume of knowledge and meaning! This object with its small size and light weight doesn’t need an expensive transportation or delivery charges, it can be sent or posted with lowest possible amount and price. This great gift will not take so much space in home or office, you don’t need to move furniture or change the decoration. A luxurious bookshelf or under the table or edge of a window… there’s no difference where a book is placed, the original and main place for a book is the human hands!


 3- Book is a green and recyclable gift. Also book is not allergic and it will not cause allergy or sickness in people, even for those who are allergic to almost everything! Furthermore there’s no need to use battery or electricity for using this great and useful gift. Unlike its modern rival “eBook” (which is a great invention for saving the trees of course!), a book doesn’t need to be recharged, it doesn’t hang or freeze and also it won’t be broken if it falls out of your hands. All you need to have for using this great gift is light, ability to read and at least one eye!


 4- Book is a free size and colorful gift! Most of the gifts like clothing, shoes, belt, watch, ring & bracelet, bag, sunglasses or other gifts have different sizes and colors which this issue is a serious concern for the donors. Is the size of the gift appropriate for the recipient? Will the recipient like the color of this gift? Well, gifting a book does not have these concerns and worries. Because book is a free size gift that will give color to the life. All you need to do for gifting a book is to guess the size of the recipient’s mind and understanding.


 5- Book is a gift that will not run out. Fragrant and colorful flowers, tasty cakes or delicious chocolates, perfumes with pleasant and attractive scents, beautiful and lovely candles and … these gifts are all pleasant and great but eventually they will run out or get old and dusty or expired during the time. But books are immortal and everlasting gifts that will not run out and can stay with the recipient for so many years or almost forever. Actually a book is a present that you can open and open again and enjoy using it.


What does it mean to give a book as a present?

When you give someone a book as a gift it represents that you want to share your interests, thoughts, understanding and your world with the recipient. This act is actually an invitation to the world of meaning and concept. An invitation that leads to a mental connection between you and the recipient through this amazing gift. Giving a book as a gift represents the high mental comprehension of the giver and it shows that this person prefers to explore the inner world to the hustle and bustle of the world around. Gifting a book is actually gifting a shortcut to the exhausted mind to escape from everyday crowded and noisy life which is filed with stress and anxiety. A shortcut that send the mind to a useful and long vacation so that the mind can rest and get rid of all negative energies by exploring through the world of stories and literature.


“Don’ts” you need to know for gifting a book


If you want to give someone a book as a gift in the best way, you need to pay attention to these important points:


1-DON’T buy a book with your own taste when you want to give it as a gift to someone else. You are not buying a book for yourself but you are looking for a book as a gift for a person with other interests and taste. If you don’t know the recipient’s taste in books you can always get help from the movies that the recipient likes. For example if the recipient is a big fan of fantasy or sci-fi movies he/she will definitely loves the surreal books. Or a romantic person who loves the romantic movies will love the romantic novels too.

2-DON’T give your own old and dusty books as gift to someone! Don’t be miser and stingy and buy that book with new edition. It is a good idea to give someone a book that you read before as a gift because you can talk about the book together later and share your ideas about it. But always gift a brand-new book.

3-DON’T give thick books with hard and complicated text as a gift to someone who has decided to be a book reader recently because you will make this recipient hate reading books and the book you give as a gift to this person will be isolated in a closet or in a bookshelf. Give this recipient a thin book or a book of short stories in order to encourage him/her to read more books.

4-DON’T gift famous or award-winning books to bibliophiles because they have definitely read these books before but if the recipient is not a professional reader or a book lover, a renowned masterpiece would be a great choice. One of the hardest things to do is to gift a book to a bibliophile, may be you can ask about the book indirectly or test your luck and pick one by chance! Or maybe you’d better to forget about gifting a book to this person!

5-DON’T write in the book you want to give as a gift to someone. You’d better write your message in a piece of paper and place it in first page. Or with a little creativity you can make a small envelope and stick it in first page in order to put your written message inside it. It will show that you are creative and thoughtful.

6-DON’T ask if the recipient liked the book or has read it or has finished it. By asking these questions you will make the recipient think that you want to impose the book to her/him. Let the recipient talk about it. .

7-Try to give another gift with the book you want to gift. For example giving chocolates with a book is a great idea, eating delicious chocolates while reading a book is so enjoyable. A customized mug with a lovely personal text on it or with a memorable photo of you and the recipient is a great gift beside the book. Drinking tea or coffee in this mug while reading a great book is going to create wonderful moments for the recipient.

8-Try to provide the book from a well-known publication and also with a correct translation from a famous and reliable translator.

Book; The Best Companion
In the end we must confess that books are beyond words and sentences written one their pages. Books are actually holding and carrying vast and enormous hidden worlds made of fantasy, knowledge, feelings and concept which will reform and improve our mental perception so that we can understand the world and people around us better. This simple and small gift can do complicated and big things. It can challenge the people’s lives and change their way of thinking and seeing towards life. This little and small gift can cause big transformation and THIS is something that no other gift can do. That’s why book is the best gift for everyone!

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